Grace Bible Church Souderton Sermon Podcast

Surprised by My Need

September 11, 2022

Pastor Aaron Meservey

Mark 2:1-12

As Jesus encounters a paralytic who along with his friends is desperate for healing, we’re surprised by his true need that defies what either the crowds or his friends assume.

Sermon Series: Surprised by Jesus: How Our Encounters with Christ Break Our Expectations

Have you ever wondered how it would go if you met Jesus? A consistent thing happened when people met Jesus—he almost inevitably defied their expectations. Some left disappointed, angry, or sad while others left astounded and rejoicing. What we should know is that if we met Jesus, we too would probably be surprised. 

Jesus continues to encounter us today. As we examine these real accounts in the gospels, we hear the voice of Jesus speaking to us as well and inviting us to be surprised along with them by what he has to say. 

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